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October 2013 Archives

Dallas police officer likely to face criminal charges

According to Dallas authorities, a police officer and his partner were dispatched to assist a mother who had requested help with her 52-year-old mentally ill son. An affidavit indicates that the man approached the police officer with a knife. The police officer shot the man, hitting him in the abdomen. The man is in the hospital, but experts believe the officer will face criminal charges over the incident.

Dallas school administrator accuses Deion Sanders of assault

You've heard it before: there are at least two sides to every story. But the old adage may be especially fitting in cases of alleged assault. A dispute arises between two individuals, and exactly what happened becomes a matter of investigation. Not everyone who is accused of assault is guilty, and often a criminal defense attorney has to take a closer look at the evidence to get down to the actual facts.

Owner of Rowlett trucking company charged with drug trafficking

Allegations of drug conspiracy aren't always as cut and dry as prosecutors claim, but when federal authorities charge a group of individuals with drug trafficking, each of those individuals will need a strong criminal defense to mitigate the negative consequences.

Is a positive test always proof of pregnancy? Could it be fraud?

Relationships are certainly complicated and emotional. It is hard letting our guard down and letting another person get to know intimate details about us. We want them not only to like us, but we want them to want to stay in the relationship. Sometimes, we may fib a little bit to do so.

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