When You Are Up Against A Criminal Charge, You Need A Tough And Seasoned Defense Attorney On Your Side

Defend Yourself Against Sexual Assault Charges And Allegations

Have you been charged as a sexual predator or sexual offender? Sexual offenses are very serious charges that can sometimes occur very easily. Probation or any other type of conviction will require lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Any physical conduct that is unwarranted can be construed as sexual assault or sexual harassment. Criminal defense attorney Frank Jackson has been defending individuals charged with sex crimes for over 50 years. At the Law Offices of Frank Jackson, he works hard to protect the rights of the accused.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer can assist you with the following sexual offenses:

  • Internet solicitation of a minor
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Aggravated assault
  • Child pornography
  • Sex with a child

Decades Of Sex Crime Defense Experience

Dallas criminal defense attorney Jackson has tried numerous sex assault cases in court. Due to his decades of courtroom experience and preparation, he has won “not-guilty” verdicts for many of his clients. In addition, Mr. Jackson is experienced with children in sexual offense cases to ensure that they are not asked suggestive questions by the prosecutor and are comfortable being questioned by him.

Contact Attorney Frank Jackson

A sexual assault charge can be an embarrassing charge to have on an individual’s criminal record. Avoid this charge by speaking with an experienced litigator immediately. For criminal defense representation, contact Dallas sexual assault lawyer Jackson today. The firm offers free initial consultations. Call locally at 214-663-2811 or toll-free at 214-663-2811. Calls are answered 24/7.

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