When You Are Up Against A Criminal Charge, You Need A Tough And Seasoned Defense Attorney On Your Side

Why You Should Talk To An Attorney First

A highly skilled lawyer knows the ins and outs of the Texas justice system and local courts. They can help you organize your case and create a strategy and plan for moving forward. To be most effective with a legal strategy, do not speak about your case to anyone. Anything you say can be used to harm your case going forward. This is especially important to remember during phone calls from jail or any interaction with law enforcement.

First Conversations With Your Lawyer

A lawyer will want to know your background, collect evidence and make an accurate list of the events that took place leading up to your situation. They can help organize witness contact lists and look for areas that can improve the outlook of your case. Always be detailed and honest with your answers. Your attorney can advise you on the next steps for your case and address any challenges unique to your situation.

Attorney-Client Conversations In A Crisis

If you have been arrested or questioned about criminal activity, you should call a lawyer immediately. It is important to remain silent and use your first provided opportunity to call your lawyer. You have the right to remain silent, and it is always a good idea to exercise this right. You can ask questions of your attorney, but don’t give law enforcement any information that they can try to use against you. They are tasked with developing a case, and they will use tactics to get at information to use against you.

Call Frank Jackson – Your First Consultation Is Free

The Law Offices of Frank Jackson serves Dallas-Fort Worth residents facing criminal charges. After you’ve been arrested or questioned by the police, do not talk to anyone about your case and call 214-663-2811 or 214-663-2811 (toll-free) 24/7. Attorney Jackson offers a free initial consultation to prospective clients.