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Drug trafficking versus distribution charges

While certain areas around the country work to decriminalize the use of marijuana, there are still certain drug activities deemed unacceptable across the board. The distribution of drugs is one of them.

For those caught in such interactions, facing drug charges is quite frightening. There are a few things to understand about such charges, particularly the differences between drug trafficking and distribution. 

Understanding key terms of drug charges

Facing drug charges is a serious matter. Depending upon the charge, the accused party may face serious fines and possible jail time upon a conviction.

Part of developing a strong defense is fully understanding what the charges mean. There are a few key terms that parties should know regarding drug charges.

Can a prosecutor make your spouse testify against you?

You rely on your husband or wife for a variety of things. Not only does your spouse provide you with companionship, but he or she also helps you work through difficult problems. Nonetheless, your spouse can probably only provide good guidance if he or she has information about the situation. If you talk to your partner about criminal conduct, though, you may wonder if prosecutors can require your spouse to testify against you. 

Few other relationships in society are as important and valuable as the marital union. As such, Texas law generally protects the communications you have with your spouse. Of course, there are many exceptions. If you think you are about to face criminal prosecution, you should understand marital privilege. 

Understanding wire fraud charges

Wire fraud is a criminal offense involving the intentional and voluntary use of an interstate communications device to defraud another party of anything of value. This is a federal crime that can come with serious penalties, including a $250,000 fine, 20 years of imprisonment and five years of supervised release.

It is important for anyone under investigation or facing charges for wire fraud to understand the elements of and possible defenses to this crime.

Avoid prison in Texas

Incarceration is a fact of life in America, and Texas is certainly no exception. If you face a criminal charge that could end in a jail sentence, you should probably take the possibility of prison time seriously. Those who do not do so and assume that a judge will not put them in prison could be headed for an unfortunate surprise. Only a structured criminal defense has the best chance to minimize the consequences of any given charge.

The statistics for incarceration are sobering. According to the Texas Tribune, there are 107 prison units in the state with a total of almost 140,000 inmates. That is about half a percent of the entire population of the state. Furthermore, there is a heavier representation of certain crimes in the prison system in others, such as burglary and possession of controlled substances.

Know your rights when authorities stop or try to search you

As someone who has dealt with law enforcement officers one or more times during your life, you may have firsthand knowledge of the stresses that can come with doing so. Failing to understand your full legal rights has the potential to lead to considerable and serious trouble, so the more you understand about your rights, the better your chances of staying out of the criminal justice system.

So, what can you do to protect yourself in the event that authorities attempt to stop your car, search you or place you under arrest?

Are you under suspicion for selling drugs on the darknet?

People who want to escape detection for peddling illegal drugs have turned to the darknet because of its supposed ability to hide the identity of sellers. As evidence that the anonymity factor is not as advertised, four people, including a nurse, were recently indicted for making illegal sales on the darknet.

What happened

Watch what you say when making calls from jail

Just about anyone who has been through the Texas jail or prison system can attest that living behind bars is unpleasant. You may spend the majority of your day looking forward to the few minutes you have to speak with loved ones on the phone. You would be remiss to speak with your friends or family members from prison in the same manner that you may, say, at home, though, because doing so could come back to bite you. In fact, the things you say on a prison phone can potentially even mean the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

Why? First, you should never assume to have any degree of privacy when speaking on a jail phone, so, a good rule of thumb is to never say anything you would not also say in front of a judge. Otherwise, you run the risk of having someone use the things you say on the phone against you in court; whatever you say during your recorded phone calls is potentially fair game. Just how might you incriminate yourself when speaking to your loved ones from a jail phone?

Benefits to abandoning your social media efforts

The digital age is upon us, making it virtually impossible to avoid certain side effects of it. The most revolutionary tool developed since the advent of the internet is social media. It changes the way people meet, keep in touch and follow up with each other.

However, when you face a criminal charge of any kind, social media may become a wealth of ammunition for the prosecution to use against you. If you have any doubts about staying plugged in, perhaps think about the benefits of disconnecting.

Do you have to tell your lawyer everything?

When accused of a crime, your concern should rest in getting the best outcome possible. Hiring an attorney to do the legwork for you is a benefit since he or she knows the legal system.

Before walking into a consultation, you wonder if it is in your best interest to tell your criminal attorney everything. You understand privilege, but will what you say impact the way the lawyer views you and defends you? Here is why it is critical you tell your counsel what you know.

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