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Facing statutory rape charges? You can defend yourself

Charges for statutory rape are probably something you never saw coming. Maybe you started dating a girl who said she was 18 (but turned out to be 14) while you're 25, or you started hanging out with a man who said he was 21 when he was really only 15. The age of consent matters in these cases, of course, but if you've slept with someone under the age of consent, you can face statutory rape charges.

There are a number of factors that play a role in your case. First, know that statutory rape is a strict-liability offense. That means that the burden is on you to know the true age of the person you were with. In some cases, you may be able to show that you had no idea about the person's age, either due to a fake ID or meeting that person in a club for those over 21. If you can do that, it may help your defense even if your case isn't able to be dismissed completely.

12 face charges in marijuana drug ring in Texas, New Mexico

When you come into the United States and participate in a crime, you could face criminal penalties in the country. That's what's happening to a Mexican national who has been sentenced on drug charges in Texas.

A news article following the case described the man as a 34-year-old man who helped traffic marijuana across the border. He was living in El Paso when he was arrested. He faced charges including money laundering and drug trafficking; he pleaded guilty and received a sentence for 97 days in prison.

What you need to know about child porn in the United States

Child pornography charges can quickly ruin a person's reputation, even if they're proven false. As someone accused, it's important to protect yourself by speaking with your attorney and devising a strong defense against the allegations you face.

Legally, the definition of child pornography is loose. Any image of a child, naked or participating in sexual acts, is child pornography. However, an image of a naked child needs to be significantly sexually suggestive to fit the legal definition.

Sexual harassment on the job: The shock of statistics

According to a survey, one in three women has been sexually harassed at work. That in itself is a shocking statistic, and it's one you have to contend with if you're accused of sexually assaulting another person. Fortunately, you can defend yourself, and these statistics don't necessarily tell the whole truth.

Sexual harassment itself is anything including unwanted sexual advances, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature or requests for sexual favors. As a man, you probably already know that there are lines that can't be crossed in the workplace, but there are also times when well-intended conversations go wrong and lead to harassment claims.

Dealers face charges after woman's heroin overdose

What a person does with his or her body is largely out of the control of others. Despite that, a man from Dallas has been charged by federal authorities for his role in selling heroin to a woman who later died from an overdose. Two others face charges for trafficking illegal narcotics.

Is it fair to hold someone accountable for a death when that person only sold or trafficked the drugs? The U.S. Attorney working on the case seems to think so. He stated that he aims to find the people selling these drugs before prosecuting them for their actions.

Stand your ground laws protect your right to defend yourself

You were at home, and you heard something break in the kitchen. You recognize the sound of shattering glass, so you pick up your gun and head toward the sound. There, you find a person entering your house. He isn't recognizable, and you can see he has a weapon, too. You realize you are being burgled, so you take the steps you need to keep your family safe.

You fired on the person entering your home, but he did not survive his injuries. Now, you face your own problems, because it's been alleged that you hurt an innocent person.

Revenge porn and virtual worlds: Digital defenses

Revenge porn allegations can get you into deep trouble. The people around you may be concerned that you actually committed this crime, straining your social circle. Or, your family may be the center of scrutiny, disrupting your family life. What is revenge porn, though, and why is it such a big deal?

Revenge porn itself is when a person takes nude photographs given to them while in a relationship and uses them as blackmail. They may post the images online where employers could see them, or they could use them to disrupt a person's social life. This isn't the only kind of sexual abuse that happens online, and some don't ever involve physical contact.

What kinds of cyber crimes happen during online auctions?

There are many kinds of cyber crimes, some of which you may be participating in without even knowing it. For example, if you sell items on an auction website, take money from the buyer but never ship the item, you've actually committed a kind of fraud. According to the 2010 Internet Crime report by the Internet Crime Complaint Center, this happened in 14.4 percent of cyber crime cases.

Another thing you might do without realizing it is selling an item with misleading information on an auction website. Maybe you got confused about your product or put up information that wasn't true to make it sound better than it is. Either way, this is a cyber crime that you could face charges for. The IC3 reports that this happens in 5.9 percent of cases.

Is sexting illegal?

Sexting is an interesting topic, because it's not always a crime. Two adults who are willing may send each other nude images or sexual images without facing any kind of penalties. There is a line that is sometimes crossed, though.

There are times when sexting can get you into trouble with the law. When sexting goes to court, it's usually because of a person sending illicit images to a child or because of sending images to someone who feels harassed or threatened by them. Generally speaking, sending photos of your genitals or sending nude photos to another person against their wishes can be considered sexual harassment.

Texas Tech aims to reduce the risk of sexual assault on campus

Sexual assaults are typically preventable. When a person says no, the other person only needs to stop. However, when it comes to accusations, there are other factors that may play a role. Maybe a spurned ex wants to get back at you, or perhaps it's just a rumor that got out of hand. In any case, you deserve the right to defend yourself.

No one wants to be involved in either side of a sexual assault case, and Texas Tech has joined a campaign to help put an end to sexual assaults on college campuses. According to a Feb. 16 report, the school has partnered with the other Big 12 Universities to help end sexual assault and violence.

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