When You Are Up Against A Criminal Charge, You Need A Tough And Seasoned Defense Attorney On Your Side

When False Allegations Are Made Against You

We have all “convicted” people in our minds while watching the news. Yet, contrary to popular assumptions, people frequently face false allegations. Contemporary literature and studies indicate that false allegations are especially common in cases involving consensual sex, child sex abuse and other sex crimes.

How do sex crime false allegations occur? Perhaps a partner or date is confused or angry. Perhaps there were misunderstandings and miscommunication between two people regarding intentions and plans. Or, in child-related cases, perhaps an adult influenced the child’s understanding of events and was aided by the child’s overactive imagination.

Take Immediate Action About Your Allegations

If you find yourself the victim of false allegations, the experienced sex crime criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Frank Jackson can take immediate action to defend your rights. Attorney Frank Jackson has the experience and compassion you need. He has done the following:

  • Handled thousands of criminal cases, including over 400 in court, as a prosecutor and defense attorney
  • Lectured regarding criminal defense and published works involving entrapment and prosecutors’ misconduct
  • Been honored by the American Board of Criminal Lawyers for courtroom excellence, D Magazine, Dallas Law magazine, Dallas Morning News and the American Trial Lawyers Association

A large percentage of sex allegations involve false allegations involving the following:

  • False testimony
  • False stories
  • A child fantasizing
  • An ex-spouse or partner who isn’t being truthful

Mr. Jackson has successfully handled hundreds of cases involving false allegations regarding charges of aggravated sexual assault, alleged rape, child pornography, child molestation, indecency with a child, sex offender registration, prostitution, indecent exposure, internet solicitation of a minor and juvenile sex crimes. For more information, contact the Law Offices of Frank Jackson for a free initial consultation.

Contact The Firm For Strong Defense Against Allegations

If you have questions regarding sex crimes, sexual misconduct or false allegations/accusations, contact the Law Offices of Frank Jackson. The firm accepts credit cards and is conveniently located in downtown Dallas. To contact attorney Jackson, call the firm locally at 214-663-2811 or toll-free at 214-663-2811.

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