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When You Are Up Against A

Criminal Charge, You Need A Tough And Seasoned Defense Attorney On Your Side

An Experienced Murder And Homicide Lawyer

An allegation that you took the life of another is the most serious charge the state can make against you. As such, attempted murder, murder/homicide and manslaughter charges carry with them the most severe penalties, including death.

If you are facing a serious charge such as attempted murder, murder or manslaughter, you need to hire an attorney who will fight for an acquittal or dismissal of these charges. Attorney Frank Jackson has over 30 years of criminal law experience, as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. Located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, he has experience trying over 400 cases in both state and federal courts.

When facing murder charges, the stakes are incredibly high. You need to retain a lawyer who understands the rules of evidence and criminal procedure, and who will fight to rebut the charges against you. Attorney Frank Jackson can defend you against the following charges:

  • Murder/homicide The intentional killing of another human being without justification or excuse
  • Voluntary manslaughter The killing of another person in the heat of passion without premeditation
  • Involuntary manslaughter Negligently or recklessly causing the death of another human being
  • Vehicular homicide Negligently or recklessly causing the death of a human being while operating a motor vehicle

Serious Charges Will Affect The Rest Of Your Life | Let Us Fight For Your Case

No other crime has so much at stake for the criminal defendant. Attorney Frank Jackson understands the complicated nature of these crimes, and will fight hard to protect your rights and your freedom.

The Law Offices of Frank Jackson defends people throughout North Texas against murder/manslaughter charges, including those in Plano, Allen, Denton, Frisco and McKinney. If the state has charged you, contact attorney Frank Jackson for a free initial consultation.

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Se habla español

Photo Of Frank Jackson
Photo Of Frank Jackson
Photo Of Frank Jackson