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Help With Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges in Dallas

The charges of sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault are among the most serious criminal charges you can face. A sexual assault conviction can bring a prison sentence of two to 20 years. Aggravated sexual assault is a first-degree felony and brings an even worse sentence: 55 to 99 years.

In addition, punishments for a conviction for aggravated sexual assault include mandatory registration as a sex offender for life. If you have been charged with sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault, consider contacting attorney Frank Jackson for a free initial consultation regarding your rights and your defense.

Have you been accused of sexual assault, rape or aggravated sexual assault, or the related charge of indecency with a child? Call 214-306-6891 or 866-542-2346.

We Will Fight For The Rights Of The Accused

At the Law Offices of Frank Jackson, Mr. Jackson knows what it takes to fight for the rights of the accused; he has handled thousands of criminal cases, including over 400 cases in trial, and has been called “one of the best defense lawyers in this hemisphere” by the Dallas Morning News.

We can hire expert witnesses and private investigators to question witnesses and police procedures; false allegations are common in sex crime charges, as is police procedural error.

Rape/sexual assault, date rape and aggravated sexual assault are among the most socially stigmatizing crimes in society. Before you accept a plea bargain, plead guilty or take any other action when facing sex crime charges, contact our firm. We have helped people fight and beat their sex crime charges for over 30 years.

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If you have questions regarding sexual assault, rape or aggravated sexual assault charges, contact the Law Offices of Frank Jackson. We speak Spanish, accept credit cards and are conveniently located in downtown Dallas. We also defend people throughout North Texas, including those in Plano, Allen, Denton and McKinney. To contact us, call 214-306-6891 or 866-542-2346.

Photo Of Frank Jackson
Photo Of Frank Jackson
Photo Of Frank Jackson