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July 2014 Archives

Sex offender argues ban restricting residences in Texas city

You may appreciate this story if you've ever been convicted of a sex offense and have been struggling to find a home in your area. Because of restrictions on how close sex offenders can be to children, it can be hard to find homes in certain parts of Texas This Texan found that he's able to sue a Dallas-area suburb, because there is ban in place that makes it illegal for sex offenders to live within 1,500 feet of children's gathering places.

Case forces man to be held in jail for alleged sexual offenses

If you're charged with a crime, then you know you have a right to seek a defense. Your defense can include information that backs your side of the story, which may make your case clearer. Sexual offenses are serious charges, since they can affect a defendant long before trial. You could be restricted from working with children or put in jail while you wait for your case to be heard.

2 arrested for felony drug crimes in Texas

Two people were recently arrested on drug charges in Texas following the execution of a search warrant by local police. These people may have been taken by surprise when the police raided the home while one of them was home and the other was away. Both people now face serious felonies.

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