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2 arrested for felony drug crimes in Texas

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2014 | Drug Charges

Two people were recently arrested on drug charges in Texas following the execution of a search warrant by local police. These people may have been taken by surprise when the police raided the home while one of them was home and the other was away. Both people now face serious felonies.

In this situation, the Llano County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant in Kingsland. They reported that two people were arrested at the scene and taken to jail in Llano County on drug charges. The search, which took place on June 10 at around 11:08 a.m., was done at the Kingsland Trails Apartments. It was there that officers reportedly took three grams of what they believe is methamphetamine from the home. They claim they also discovered a firearm and narcotics paraphernalia that was also seized.

At the time of the search, a woman was at home. A 35-year-old was arrested for allegedly manufacturing or delivering a controlled substance. She was also charged for tampering with physical evidence. The two charges are both felonies.

At that time, police also issued a warrant for a 36-year-old man who allegedly lives in the apartment, possibly with the woman. He was then arrested two days later at approximately 6 p.m. when he returned to the apartment. Police claim that the man had meth in his possession at the time of his arrest as well as some marijuana. He, too, was charged with possession of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone, a class 2 felony, and for the manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance, which is a class 3 felony.

Source: The Llano News, “Two Arrested on Drug Charges,” June 18, 2014


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