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December 2013 Archives

Dallas police issue call for information on robbery suspect

According to police in Dallas, Texas, a man is grabbing money out of cash registers across the city. The man allegedly stole $160 from a Walgreens on Dec. 6 and over $700 from a register at a Dollar General on Dec. 7. The man is also suspected of five other robberies that were committed in the same manner.

Man convicted on sexual assault charges faces three more trials

Allegations of sexual assault are usually surrounded by some amount of emotion and media coverage, both of which can make it difficult to build a defense. When facing more than one charge of sexual assault, individuals must work with defense teams to make decisions about whether to face charges individually or as a group. In the case of a Texas man, defense attorneys elected to face each charge in a separate trial.

Texas pornography raid may involve countless unknown victims

As the world of technology expands with ever-increasing capabilities and options available to average individuals for home or office use, the numbers relating to internet crime are increasing as well. Involving even a suggestion of child pornography often results in assumed guilt of the person under investigation. Regardless of the circumstances, in this country a person facing serious charges of any crime must be presumed innocent until thorough review of the facts by a judge or jury finds him guilty.

Synthetic marijuana confirmed in sno-cone stand raid

Over a year ago, Texas residents learned of a drug bust at a sno-cone stand. What was different about this particular case is the District Attorney was unable to press drug charges against the suspects until test results proved the substance confiscated was, in fact, illegal.

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