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Texas pornography raid may involve countless unknown victims

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2013 | Internet Crimes

As the world of technology expands with ever-increasing capabilities and options available to average individuals for home or office use, the numbers relating to internet crime are increasing as well. Involving even a suggestion of child pornography often results in assumed guilt of the person under investigation. Regardless of the circumstances, in this country a person facing serious charges of any crime must be presumed innocent until thorough review of the facts by a judge or jury finds him guilty.

In a town less than 200 miles from Dallas, a high school cafeteria cook has been arrested after authorities found what they called “massive amounts of pornography” and working cameras hidden throughout his house. The 31-year-old was allegedly secretly recording visitors to his home, according to information provided to the local sheriff’s department. Acting on a search warrant, investigators reportedly found many cameras in secluded spots, such as bathrooms and guest bedrooms. Video recordings of people who appeared to be on tape unknowingly were also found.

Texas Rangers and other police officers report they seized three computers, one of which had many child pornographic images, which is a felony. The investigation will include review of large numbers of media and electronics, notebooks and other pornographic materials. The suspect faces additional charges of Improper Image Photography or Visual Recording, a state jail felony, and Possession of Child Pornography. According to the sheriff, the alleged illegal recordings were likely made over the past five years. Numerous names were found, he noted, but it’s anticipated that a large number of victims will have to be identified through further investigation.

At this point, many might believe defense against such a large accumulation of physical evidence is questionable. But the complexities of the law, felony charges and other aspects of both internet crime and real-life allegations always warrant clear understanding to protect the rights of suspects. These types of charges, particularly related to child pornography, can have exceptionally long-term consequences. Understanding options and the best next step can make a difference in the outcome of the arrest.

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