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December 2016 Archives

Marijuana laws are harsh in Texas

The laws of the state you're in during an arrest make a serious difference in regards to how you're charged. In the case that you're stopped for having marijuana on your person, Texas is not necessarily the state you want to be in. It is still not legal in Texas, and there is a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,000 if you're found to have two ounces or less of the drug in your possession.

What should you know about being accused of sexual assault?

If you're accused of sexual assault, it's within your rights to defend yourself from the moment of accusation. It's not fair for a person to accuse you of assault if you didn't assault them, and even though the statistics might be weighed against you, the court can't have a bias.

Sexual assault: How social media can help

There are several defenses for sexual assault, and social media can be a friend to you when it comes to proving your innocence. Here's an example: If you take a girl or boyfriend out to dinner and have a message afterward that says, "thank you for dinner," you can prove that you both went to dinner. Likewise, if your significant other or date says something about you sleeping together or having a sexual relationship, that information can be introduced in court.

How can holiday shopping go wrong when you shop online?

The holidays are a fun time, but when someone accuses you of stealing his or her credit card information, that can quickly come to an end. Lots of people make mistakes, and it's easy to appear like you've stolen credit information when you didn't intend to. For example, if you're shopping on a public computer, you could go through check out and never realize that someone else was logged in and had saved their payment information. Some systems don't require you to verify payments and only make you type in the delivery address, making it very easy to make this mistake.

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