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How can holiday shopping go wrong when you shop online?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2016 | Internet Crimes

The holidays are a fun time, but when someone accuses you of stealing his or her credit card information, that can quickly come to an end. Lots of people make mistakes, and it’s easy to appear like you’ve stolen credit information when you didn’t intend to. For example, if you’re shopping on a public computer, you could go through check out and never realize that someone else was logged in and had saved their payment information. Some systems don’t require you to verify payments and only make you type in the delivery address, making it very easy to make this mistake.

While your case is probably easy to explain, it’s important to defend yourself against allegations of malicious intent. To prevent yourself from becoming a victim, there are some things you can do as well. For instance, only shopping on sites with https:// at the front means that the web page is secure and encrypted for safe payments.

Password protect your devices, and make sure you log out when you’re done using a computer in a public location. If you are shopping online in public, always log out first if it’s showing there is a user in place, so you can avoid making errors that look like you’re stealing someone’s identity.

Don’t click on fake holiday eCards or click through emails to make purchases; these can be filled with viruses that collect personal data, so you should always go directly to the official website to make a purchase.

Finally, if you’re accused of stealing information, collect any evidence you have that you weren’t involved. It’s easy for hackers and scammers to provide false leads, and you could be caught up in a web of lies. With the right information, you have a good chance to work out a defense that supports your claims.

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