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June 2016 Archives

19 accused of Internet crimes involving child porn, solicitation

Being accused of child pornography or Internet solicitation is a very serious allegation. There are reasons why your interactions online may put you in this position without you knowing it; maybe the person on the other end is lying about his or her age, or perhaps you thought you'd scare a child who was trying to meet up with a stranger by showing up and talking about the dangers of his or her actions. Whatever the reason for your case, it's important that you defend yourself, just like these individuals may do.

Man accused of sexual assaults because of car purchase

There are times when people accuse others of sexual assault without all the information needed to do so. Someone may mistakenly be accused of the crime based on what he or she looks like or a case of a mistaken identity. If that person is you, then you know that defending yourself is important. If you can prove you weren't at the scene of the incident or that you were in fact the victim, then you could protect yourself from unfair penalties and punishments.

Aggravated sexual assault versus sexual assault charges

Sexual assault is a serious crime that can land you in prison or with heavy penalties of other kinds if you're convicted. Sexual assault is actually another term for rape, which can be defined in several ways by law. Essentially, if a victim is forced to participate in any number of prohibited sexual activities, then that can be considered rape or sexual assault.

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