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Man accused of sexual assaults because of car purchase

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2016 | Sexual Assault

There are times when people accuse others of sexual assault without all the information needed to do so. Someone may mistakenly be accused of the crime based on what he or she looks like or a case of a mistaken identity. If that person is you, then you know that defending yourself is important. If you can prove you weren’t at the scene of the incident or that you were in fact the victim, then you could protect yourself from unfair penalties and punishments.

A man who has been charged in seven sexual assault cases is one of many who were suspects; according to the investigation reports in Houston, several people were identified as suspects at the start of the investigation. The case revolves around the claims filed by several women who said they were sexually assaulted between October 2015 and January 2016. Many of those women were allegedly prostitutes, although not all were.

The man now faces charges based on the fact that he owns a vehicle that matches the description of one used in some of the past assaults. Genetic evidence linked him to five cases, but it was only photo identifications that linked him to two others. Now, he’s the prime suspect in eight other sexual assaults, but there is no DNA to prove that he was the person responsible for those crimes.

The man’s attorney hasn’t said if he’s denying the charges. In your case, denying charges may help, particularly if there is no evidence against you. It’s up to the alleged victim to prove that you were the person who assaulted him or her.

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