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March 2016 Archives

Man arrested in Texas following sexual assault allegations

Sexual assault charges can change your life from the moment you face arrest. These charges can make family and friends suspicious, and you could risk losing your job or suffering heavy damage to your reputation. The problem with these kinds of charges is that people aren't easy to forget that you've been charged, even if your charges are later dropped.

What is statutory rape?

Statutory rape is a criminal act that can get you into trouble, even if the other party was willing to participate in sexual acts with you. This term only applies when a minor is involved with someone several years older than him or her and agrees to acts that he or she cannot yet consent to.

Sex offender ordinances draw criticism

If there is a so-called "pedophile-free zone" in an area, is that legal? As someone who may be on a sex offender list, you know there are always some restrictions you'll need to face. Should you be painted with the same brush as others who are violent or dangerous offenders? No, and that is a problem if you are.

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