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November 2015 Archives

Fight back against sex offense charges

Proving sexual assault charges is the job of the prosecution, but there's no doubt that it can be stressful to you, especially if you're innocent of the crime you're being accused of. Sexual assault charges can lead to convictions that require you to be on the sexual offender registry, and that can hurt your ability to participate in your community or to get the job or home you want.

Supreme Court tosses out lawsuit against Texas officer

If you recall the trouble in Ferguson, Missouri, then you know that the area became unsettled after the death of a man named Michael Brown. Because of this event, there is a now an effect known as "the Ferguson Effect." The idea behind this effect is that police officers knowingly violate constitutional rights of their alleged victims.

There are defenses for accusations of soliciting minors

If you've been accused of soliciting a minor online, you're in a position where you could be recognized and registered as a sex offender. This kind of charge can make your life very difficult; not only could you face fines or prison time, but also the scrutiny, or even hatred, of the people around you.

Texas sheriffs worry about the release of drug offenders

When you go to jail or prison for a drug crime, it doesn't mean you've been violent or even that you were selling drugs to others. You may have been smoking marijuana when you were stopped and arrested, or you may have had an addiction to a substance like cocaine or heroin.

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