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There are defenses for accusations of soliciting minors

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Internet Crimes

If you’ve been accused of soliciting a minor online, you’re in a position where you could be recognized and registered as a sex offender. This kind of charge can make your life very difficult; not only could you face fines or prison time, but also the scrutiny, or even hatred, of the people around you.

Your attorney has the job of defending you when you’re accused of a sex offense against a minor online. Fortunately, there are some ways to defend yourself, so you can explain why you were victimized or not guilty of this crime.

Take for instance a situation where you’re talking to someone you get along with in a chat room. The chat room is for people over the age of 18, and the person you’re speaking to has claimed to be over 18. When you go to meet the person, you don’t discuss their age, but you later find out that you are in a relationship with a minor. When you’re accused of soliciting a minor online, proving that you didn’t know the person’s age or that you made a reasonable assumption about her or his age may be of benefit to your case.

In another case, if you were caught speaking with a minor and soliciting her or him but are fewer than three years older than the individual, you may also be able to defend yourself in Texas. As long as the minor you to whom you were speaking was consenting, your defense can be that you are both close in age and that speaking, and interacting, with each other is reasonable. Our website has more information on how you can defend yourself in many situations.


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