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October 2015 Archives

Texas assault laws and defenses can help your case

The sexual assault laws in Texas are particular in that there are defined ways to determine if someone has been a victim of a sexual assault. Sexual assaults can also be raised to aggravated sexual assault, an elevated charge, if any harm comes to the victim during the crime, if drugs were used or if a deadly weapon was used, among other factors.

Can I participate in Halloween as a registered sex offender?

With Halloween just around the corner, it's important that you protect yourself from allegations of sex abuse or offenses. If you're someone who is already on a sex-offender registry, you can prevent further allegations by making sure you take part in the holiday in appropriate ways.

Is identity theft always done purposefully?

Identity theft is a crime that takes place when one person uses another's identity as his or her own identity. It's a type of fraud, and people who commit it can be charged under federal law with sentences that vary depending on the extent of the crime. What's important to realize is that even though the crime could take place, some people might not be aware that they were even involved. For instance, if a gas station's pump doesn't completely reset, another person's credit card may be used for the next patron and so on. This could lead to people being accused of crimes they weren't aware they were committing.

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