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February 2015 Archives

Charges filed after failing to register as sex offender in Texas

If you've already been convicted of a crime against a child or a sex crime in general, you may be required to be on a sex offender's list and to report when you move. If this is a requirement of your sentence, then failing to do so can land you in hot water. That's what happened to this man from Longview.

Is it possible to be recommited as a sex offender in Texas?

Recommitment, which is when a person serves a prison term, is released and then is placed back in prison for an extended term, is a special kind of imprisonment that does not violate the constitution's ex-post facto or double jeopardy laws. Because the imprisonment doesn't violate the constitution, it allows courts to rule to place a habitual sex offender in prison for extended periods of time for the safety of the public.

Internet crimes and reporting: How you can be accused in Texas

As a person who has been accused of an Internet crime, it's important that you understand why you're in this position. How was a complaint filed against you? Was it legitimate, and if so, how can evidence be provided or discounted to help you defend yourself?

Defend yourself against sex offense charges in Texas

Having a nice date night out or even sleeping with someone new can go horribly wrong if you're suddenly accused of a sexual offense the following morning. Even if you've done nothing wrong and someone cries wolf, the implication that you may be a sex offender can cause your reputation to suffer within social circles, at work and at home.

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