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December 2014 Archives

The definition of a cyber crime in Texas

Internet crime is a particular category of crimes that can include any illegal activity committed online. This can be done through email, online in chat rooms, among forums, or in other online groups. Internet crimes are illegal at both the state and federal level, and in some cases, groups such as Interpol could invoke international law.

15 accused of drug crimes in Texas

If you're in Texas, then you may have heard about this recent arrest of 15 people accused of participating in drug distribution circles. According to an article from Dec. 10, the people all face federal drug distribution and conspiracy charges following an investigation at a dance club in Dallas.

Texas man playing Santa not arrested for being past sex offender

Texans may not have expected this news near Christmas, but a Dec. 16 report has said one Texas town has been outraged by finding out that a sex offender has been allowed to be Santa Claus this year. The man, a registered sex offender, has allegedly been inviting children to sit on his lap, much like Santa would be expected to do.

Internet solicitation: You have rights as the accused in Texas

Internet solicitation is a crime taken very seriously in today's world. The Internet is everywhere -- on phones, tablets, computers and other devices. If you've been accused of using the Internet to solicit sex or to solicit minors, it's important to develop a defense immediately.

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