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October 2014 Archives

Can you drink in a car in Texas if you aren't the one driving?

In Texas, you are restricted by many laws regarding open containers and drinking and driving. Some drinking and driving errors could even lead to criminal charges, especially if this isn't your first run in with the law. The big question is, can you drink in a vehicle if you aren't the one driving? It's an interesting question that could help you defend yourself in court if you have the right kind of defense.

Protect yourself against sex offense charges in Texas

Have you been accused of sexual offenses in Dallas? Are you worried that your family or friends may get drawn in and have their reputations hurt as well as your own? Sexual offenses, which come in many forms, are indeed serious crimes, and the penalties you could face could be life-changing. If you receive probation for any kind of conviction, you could face life on a sex offender list. That's not something anyone wants to have in their record.

Plea bargains and your right to a lesser sentence in Texas

A plea bargain is what is typically used to resolve a criminal case. Not all cases head to the court for a determination there. With a plea bargain, you agree to plead guilty, but in return, you typically get a lesser charge than if you were to stand trial for the crime. It's also possible to have related charges dismissed in some cases.

You have the right to fight federal and Texan drug charges

Federal and Texas state drug laws vary, and if you've been charged with a drug crime, you may be concerned about how they'll affect you. Penalties that can be taken against you range from fines to prison sentences, so it can be difficult to know what to expect in court. If you've been arrested or charged, it's time to seek a defense to protect yourself and reputation.

Can you be charged with drug crimes for medical marijuana use?

Drug offenses are taken seriously in Texas, especially since a portion of the state borders Mexico, from which many illegal drugs cross the U.S. borders. No matter the location you're in, there are always some circumstances when you can't be held liable for drug use.

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