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3 steps to take after you’ve been charged for a crime

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Criminal Defense

If you have already been arrested and now have been charged for a crime, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself and your rights as soon as possible. Not taking the right steps now could significantly impact your case down the line.

Fortunately, if you take the right steps, you may see the potential for an improvement in the outcome of your case, because you’ll have someone on your side who understands the law and how it may affect you.

Here are three things to do if you’ve been charged and want to protect yourself.

  1. Call your attorney

The first thing to do is to call your attorney and get them working on your case. If you can’t afford an attorney, the state will provide you with one. If you can afford to hire an attorney, then look for someone who has a history of success with cases like yours and who is an effective communicator.

  1. Learn more about the charges

Many people are charged but don’t really understand how those charges could affect them or exactly what they mean. For example, there is a significant difference between a homicide and murder, just like reckless driving or driving under the influence are handled differently. Find out exactly which charges you’re facing and the penalties that may result from them.

  1. Remember that silence is golden

Whether you’re with the police or talking to friends, silence is a key component to protecting yourself. You should never talk to a police officer without your attorney present. You should also stay silent as much as you can about your case when speaking with friends or family.

The only person you should talk about your case with is your attorney. With your attorney, be honest and tell them everything, because they are there to help you. They can only do so if they know everything.

No one wants to face charges, but it’s important not to ignore them. Do at least these three things, so you can start focusing on how you can protect yourself from the charges you face today.


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