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Benefits to abandoning your social media efforts

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2019 | Uncategorized |

The digital age is upon us, making it virtually impossible to avoid certain side effects of it. The most revolutionary tool developed since the advent of the internet is social media. It changes the way people meet, keep in touch and follow up with each other.

However, when you face a criminal charge of any kind, social media may become a wealth of ammunition for the prosecution to use against you. If you have any doubts about staying plugged in, perhaps think about the benefits of disconnecting.

Sharing your movements

People tend to share critical details concerning their everyday lives online, including their movements. Doing so gives people, including the authorities, a veritable timeline. When you commit a crime, they may introduce this timeline as evidence to support your guilt.

Sharing your spending

Did you go overboard on Valentine’s Day or have you begun eating out more often? Posting pictures of merchandise and food may give off the opinion that you suddenly have more money than before. This may lead to suspicions if a crime involving theft arises.

Sharing your opinion

You may not share too much of your own life, but you do enjoy chiming in on other people’s posts. Sometimes the things you say may appear off-putting to some or even downright cruel and vicious. When establishing credibility and character, these types of comments may add fuel to the fire.

Sharing your story

After getting arrested, you may want to prove your innocence to your friends so they will back you. Taking to social media to build a case around your innocence may wind up backfiring and costing you more jail time. What you share with just your friends may not stay that way. It could get shared with outside parties, including authorities.

When trying to defend yourself against charges, you want to go out of your way to remain calm and not give the police or court reasons to doubt your account. Staying away from social media, both before and after a charge, is your best move in this and many other situations.


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