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Sexual harassment on the job: The shock of statistics

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Sexual Assault

According to a survey, one in three women has been sexually harassed at work. That in itself is a shocking statistic, and it’s one you have to contend with if you’re accused of sexually assaulting another person. Fortunately, you can defend yourself, and these statistics don’t necessarily tell the whole truth.

Sexual harassment itself is anything including unwanted sexual advances, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature or requests for sexual favors. As a man, you probably already know that there are lines that can’t be crossed in the workplace, but there are also times when well-intended conversations go wrong and lead to harassment claims.

For example, one statistic shows that 81 percent of women have experienced harassment in verbal form. What makes something verbal harassment, though? Sometimes, someone could make a comment that comes off sexual when it’s not, and that could result in accusations. For instance, just saying a female looks good in a shirt could be taken the wrong way. Or, a lewd joke sent to others in the workplace could end up getting you into hot water.

Other people face horrifying situations where they’re the real victims. After refusing to give someone a promotion, a manager could be accused of failing to do so because he previously asked that employee out and was turned down. A male employee could be accused of harassing a female coworker when he begins reporting her unwanted advances, having the story turned on him. Unfortunately, the bias in a workplace is often that men are the harassers, but that’s not always true. Women also participate in these unwanted behaviors.

If you’re accused of behaviors you don’t believe you participated in, you have a right to defend yourself. Accusations are just that, accusations. Proof is needed for any conviction.

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