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What kinds of cyber crimes happen during online auctions?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Internet Crimes

There are many kinds of cyber crimes, some of which you may be participating in without even knowing it. For example, if you sell items on an auction website, take money from the buyer but never ship the item, you’ve actually committed a kind of fraud. According to the 2010 Internet Crime report by the Internet Crime Complaint Center, this happened in 14.4 percent of cyber crime cases.

Another thing you might do without realizing it is selling an item with misleading information on an auction website. Maybe you got confused about your product or put up information that wasn’t true to make it sound better than it is. Either way, this is a cyber crime that you could face charges for. The IC3 reports that this happens in 5.9 percent of cases.

Not everyone intends to commit a crime online, so it’s important that you’re able to defend yourself if you’re accused. If you’ve sold an item but couldn’t ship it, refunding the buyer’s money helps protect you against fraud charges. Always make sure to get a receipt and tracking number if you ship an item, so you can protect yourself against claims that the item never arrived.

When you sell items, make sure you know their product IDs or serial numbers, so you get the correct information to put into your auction page. Misrepresenting your item is not something you want to do, because the buyer can request a refund or discount.

If you’re accused of acting fraudulently or selling mislabeled or misrepresented goods, your attorney can help you defend yourself. Many cases of misrepresentation and fraud are nothing more than mistakes.

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