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November 2016 Archives

It's hard to prove that you were texting behind the wheel

Everyone knows that texting and driving isn't safe, and it's not legal in most places, either. What is interesting for those accused of it is what officers can and can't do to obtain information on whether or not you were texting and driving.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can threaten your livelihood

Sexual harassment is a serious concern in workplaces and public locations. It affects both males and females, and it doesn't necessarily have to be a person of the opposite sex who commits this crime. It can happen often or be sporadic, but the fact is that it's unwanted in nature and shouldn't be taking place.

You could face serious penalties for drinking and driving

Drunk driving is a crime that isn't looked upon lightly in Texas. While laws vary significantly depending on what happened in the case, charges brought against a person accused of drunk driving could impact him or her for the long-term. The person might be unable to work or have his or her family or social life affected.

The shocking truth about 116 drug possession prisoners in Texas

If you've ever been accused of a drug crime, you probably already know that some of the penalties can be unfair when compared to crimes of other natures. For instance, there are 116 people in Texas who are serving life sentences for drug possession. Out of those people, seven were in possession of only one to four total grams at the time of their arrests. That's basically enough for a single person to use.

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