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October 2016 Archives

Can social media help a criminal defense case?

Social media can change the way your criminal case is viewed. It can work positively for or negatively against you. Social networking has allowed for community policing, networking to find missing children and even to alert others of suspicious activities in the neighborhood, but it can also be a source for police to look for criminal acts or to confirm criminal suspicions.

What are some common actions that are actually illegal?

It's true that you could be accused of a crime that you don't even know you committed. Some harmless behaviors are actually illegal, despite the fact that many people perform these actions all the time. Here are a few examples of "innocent" crimes you could be accused of that you may have to defend yourself against.

Sexual assault charges pressed near Texas State University

With clowns in the news and more people on edge fearing assault and attacks, it's not surprising that an area that had an alleged clown sighting has also reported a sexual assault near the Texas State University campus. When there are threats to public safety, it's possible for people to get caught up in emotion, which may not be the case this time, but certainly could be the case for your situation. Because of the right of people getting emotional and making false accusations and reports, it's always important to defend yourself and exercise your right to an attorney if you're arrested on accusations of sexual assault.

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