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Torrey Green claims innocence amidst sexual assault claims

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2016 | Sexual Assault |

Being accused of sexual assault is something you should take seriously. While it’s possible to have the case against you dropped, if you don’t protect yourself from the start, your reputation can be put at risk. As rumors spread of your alleged role in a sex-assault case, you could find that your work is affected right along with your social engagements and relationships.

Due to the fact that these accusations can cause damage to your reputation quickly, your attorney will help you devise a defense quickly. To see how you can be affected, you just have to look at a case like the one involving an ex-Atlanta Falcon player accused of sexual assault.

Although the player has claimed innocence, there are multiple allegations against him that have brought him into the media’s eye. He has stated through a spokesperson that he believes that he will be exonerated once the claims are fully investigated, but that hasn’t stopped the allegations from affecting his career.

Despite his claims, as a rookie linebacker, he was cut from the team after team management learned about the allegations. So far, two of the cases have been delayed due to a lack of evidence. Police involved in the case stated that there are four women accusing the football player of sexual assaults they claim took place in 2015. Presently, the case is being investigated in Utah, where he played for Utah State University.

In similar situations, those who are accused risk losing traction in their careers. If you’re falsely accused and found innocent, then it’s possible to fight back and file a claim against the person who made that allegation.

Source: The Brownsville Herald, “Ex-Atlanta Falcon claims innocence in sex-assault cases,” Associated Press, Aug. 06, 2016


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