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May 2016 Archives

Medical marijuana in Texas: Drug reform reaches the state

Medical marijuana is new in many states, and in Texas, medical marijuana is still part of a drug movement for reform. For some individuals, it can be purchased to treat a number of medical conditions, but the laws are still confusing and new. The drug itself is used to treat people who have long-term symptoms and terminal illnesses. It can be used to help with epilepsy, cancer and other diseases.

What to expect when you hire a criminal defense lawyer

If you've been accused of a crime, then you're probably ready to hire a criminal defense lawyer. What should you look for in a good lawyer? Are there certain traits that are more admirable or desirable? What can you expect from a good criminal defense lawyer?

Couple sued by petsitters for online harassment, bad reviews

Can talking badly about someone online really be enough for a lawsuit? Is it a crime to state negative reviews about a company? It can be, particularly if you're harassing the company or being untruthful. Sometimes, contracts between you and the company also ban you from saying negative things about the service. On top of that, your views could be seen as going too far and become a topic of cyber bullying. Is that fair? That's the question this couple is asking, since they're being sued for up to $1 million by a petsitting company.

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