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April 2016 Archives

Is identity theft always intentional?

Identity theft is a serious problem in the United States. It can happen in many ways, but one of the most common is for someone's credit cards or banking details to be stolen and used by another person. The person who takes another person's identity can face serious penalties like fines and time in prison. If you're accused of stealing another person's identity, it's important to defend yourself immediately. You may be able to avoid serious penalties or be able to reduce your sentence if you are found to be guilty.

You can fight drug charges to protect your reputation

Drug dealing or sales can get you in serious trouble with the law; illicit drugs are banned for a reason, and selling them to people can land you in prison or result in heavy fines. Drug selling may be referred to as possession with the intent to distribute, while dealing may include things like manufacturing drugs, selling drugs, or transporting drugs.

Computer crimes: Phishing, hacking, and other crimes

If you've been accused of participating in a computer crime, it's important that you defend yourself. These crimes can be charged at the federal level, so you can be fined heavily and face time in prison. There are many kinds of computer crimes, and being accused of one in itself can mean a multitude of things. Some kinds of computer crimes may be charged in the same way as other felonies, like in the case of larceny or certain kinds of theft.

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