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Internet crimes that you could be accused of in Texas

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2016 | Internet Crimes

There are several kinds of cybercrimes you can be accused of. Hacking, theft, and cyberstalking are just a few. What makes these acts crimes, though?

Hacking is necessary in many ways, because it helps businesses find out when their sites aren’t safe for consumers. Hacking is sometimes used by the government and other agencies as well when it’s necessary to access important information. While that’s the case, hacking into a website is illegal, and unless someone is hired to hack into a business’s site to find flaws or security breaches, it can be a crime that you could be penalized for.

Cyberstalking is another crime that you should be aware of. It’s not like normal stalking, because it all takes place online. Online harassment that is considered to be cyberstalking is when someone sends messages and emails of a harassing nature. The user may follow the victims to various sites and continue to harass them.

Identity theft is a type of Internet crime that many people are now familiar with. It happens when a program is used to take a person’s personal information, like credit card or banking numbers. This allows the thief to take money, assets or data from a person without their knowledge.

Internet solicitation is another criminal act that can lead to time in prison, even if a person isn’t aware that the user online is a minor. If someone is soliciting a minor for photos or speaking to him or her in a sexual way, that can lead to the potential for charges.

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