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Cosby to head to trial over sexual assault allegations in 2016

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2016 | Criminal Defense |

If you’re accused of sexually assaulting someone, it’s important that your side of the story is heard. The media and news outlets can be quick to judge, even when there is no conviction and hardly any basis for a claim. Your best option is to build up a strong defense with your attorney to protect your reputation.

That’s what’s happening for Bill Cosby, the American comedian and actor, who has been accused of multiple indiscretions with women over the last few decades. He’s been formally charged in Pennsylvania and arraigned on a sexual-assault charge. The charge is for an assault that allegedly took place back in 2004; his attorneys claim the accusations are unjust and that the entire charge is political in nature.

Cosby will go to trial in 2016, and he faces the charges for the accusations of an event that supposedly took place over a decade ago; if the claim had been filed just a few days later, the 12-year statute of limitations would have applied, and Cosby could not have been charged.

Cosby’s attorneys claim the charge is fueled by politics; it’s a newly elected district attorney’s goal to revisit the accusations, and Cosby’s lawyers believe it’s the campaign promise that the attorney made that resulted in this charge. Cosby has pleaded not guilty to the charges, and he has cooperated by turning over his passport and paying 10 percent of a million-dollar bond.

The claim currently filed had been launched by the same woman in 2005; then, she was told she did not have enough evidence, and she settled out of court.

Source: USA Today, “Bill Cosby’s lawyer signals defense strategy: ‘It’s politics’,” Maria Puente, Jan. 01, 2016


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