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Prostitution: What constitutes as a crime?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2015 | Sex Crimes

Despite being highly regulated and legal in some parts of Nevada, prostitution is illegal nationwide. As someone who has been a prostitute or been caught requesting one, you’re at risk of being penalized by the authorities. It’s a crime to offer, engage in or agree to sexual acts for compensation.

There are a few people who can be in trouble for prostitution other than the prostitute. For example, in a typical prostitution transaction, there will be a middleman who “pimps” out the prostitute and a customer who buys those services.

If you are stopped for soliciting a prostitute, then you can be charged with the solicitation of a prostitute, which can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the age of the person prostituting. What’s important to realize about these charges is that you can face them from the moment you agree to a transaction. You don’t have to actually participate to be accused of solicitation.

For example, if you are encouraging someone to get into your car in a prostitution transaction, that’s enough to be accused and charged with solicitation. If there is proof that you were willing to go through with the act, like if you stop at the ATM for money or begin to participate in a sexual act, then that would result in enough evidence to charge you with solicitation.

Solicitation can lead to a number of charges, but the penalties can be life altering. Sometimes, those charged and convicted end up on sex offender lists, which is why it’s important to defend yourself with the help of your attorney from the moment you’re charged.

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