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Cyberbullying and why it’s so bad

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2015 | Internet Crimes

Cyberbullying is a crime that takes place when you use mobile technology or the Internet to harass, cause harm or intimidate a person. You don’t necessarily have to know the person in reality, either, as you can victimize strangers on the Internet as well.

Bullying has always been present in society, but cyberbullying takes it a step further. Instead of being able to leave a bully behind at school or work, victims may have to worry about receiving texts, emails or online harassment in other forms at all hours.

Most states now have cyberbullying laws in place to prevent these acts. If you’re accused of cyberbullying, you need to be able to show your tracks online to show that it wasn’t you sending threats or harassment over an email account. Sometimes people’s systems are hacked. Have you actually been victimized by someone laying the blame on you? It’s possible that you can defend yourself by proving your own innocence.

Cyberbullying is a serious crime because things released on the Internet don’t simply go away. Traumatic images can spread like wildfire, and embarrassment or shame can grow as the view counts do. For instance, while a bully may have used to have only one photo to blackmail a person with, a cyberbully could have an entire website prepared to ruin a person’s reputation.

Cyberbullying someone can get you into deep trouble with the law. New laws can result in fines or imprisonment for those convicted of these crimes.If you or your child is accused of cyberbullying, an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney may be able to provide guidance and support.

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