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When You Are Up Against A

Criminal Charge, You Need A Tough And Seasoned Defense Attorney On Your Side

Protect yourself against unfair criminal charges and the media

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

As someone who has been charged with a crime by the state, it’s important that you stand up for yourself quickly to protect your good name. It’s easy for the media to get involved in some types of cases, which can result in many people assuming you participated in a crime you haven’t been found guilty of.

There are many times when you may want to work with your attorney to build up a defensive case. For example, if you’re accused of stealing someone’s credit card and identity, you could be facing identity theft charges. These charges are classified as white-collar crimes, and they can be charged at the federal level. Your defense should explain why you aren’t guilty of the act of which you’re being accused.

You could also be charged for a crime like child pornography, for instance, which is easy for the media to expose and criminalize in the news. If that happens, your reputation could come under fire, even if it’s later proven that you had nothing to do with the alleged pornographic materials.

There are times when crimes you did commit become a burden on your future. Maybe a drunk-driving charge from several years ago is still hindering your ability to get hired or a juvenile crime is presenting issues on your record. Expunction may be an option for you, which is when your past criminal record is hidden from potential employers. This can help you get the work you need.

Our website has more information about defenses and expunction and how they can help you protect yourself now and in the future.


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