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Don’t let accusations of sex offenses ruin your future

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2015 | Criminal Defense

Sex offenses take many forms, none of which is particularly good to be charged with. Whether the offense you’re accused of is sexual assault or having child pornography, your reputation is at serious risk. It’s easy for someone to make an accusation, but the damage it can cause to your reputation if you don’t defend yourself is not easy to repair.

Have you been accused of raping someone? Your side of the story matters. Were you both under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time? Is the person accusing you a spurned loved? Is the other party simply seeking revenge for a quick payout without thinking of the consequences to your future?

Maybe you’ve been accused of child pornography charges. Can you show that the computer isn’t yours or that the images were all downloaded during a time when another party was using your computer? Have you been set up? Did the police search your home or computer without a warrant? These are all good questions to ask and find the answers to, because your rights need to be protected. If your home has been searched without permission or a warrant, your case could even be dismissed from court.

The charges against you could lead to jail time, a long criminal sentence or even a lifetime on a sexual predator list. You don’t have to let someone’s false accusations work against you without a fight. Our website has more information about sex crimes and the ways you can defend yourself to protect your future and the reputation you worked so hard to build.


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