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Fight Internet solicitation charges to avoid penalties

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2015 | Internet Crimes

There is no law preventing you from speaking to younger people online, but as an adult, you do need to be careful of how you treat them. It’s okay to discuss schoolwork or to interact professionally, but it’s not acceptable to ask for illicit photos or to speak sexually with a child. Part of the problem for some people happens when a young teen pretends to be older than he or she really is. While it’s perfectly legal for an adult to be suggestive with an 18-year-old, the same is not true if the teen is only 15 or 16.

In Internet solicitation cases, it can be very difficult to prove that someone is innocent of the charges against them. Despite this, there are some defenses that can work in your favor to help you reduce the charges or penalties and even to get the case eliminated due to mistakes when making an arrest or making allegations against you.

It’s hard to get rid of the stigma associated with these charges, so part of your defense should be to protect yourself from media involvement. In the United States, you’re always innocent until proven guilty; however, the media often follows cases like this and that can be hard on your reputation — even if you are found not guilty.

Our website has more information about Internet solicitation charges and what you can do if you’ve been accused of a crime. Please take a few moments and look at the information provided. We know this is a difficult time for you. At the Law Offices of Frank Jackson, we’re here to help.


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