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June 2015 Archives

Teen sentenced to jail term; girl lied about her age before sex

Not all people accused of sex offenses are actually guilty of the crime or were aware they were committing it. In some cases, they've been tricked or lured into a situation that later backfires on them. That's what happened to this young man in Elkhart. A June 22 story discusses how the 19-year-old is now in jail for having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Common ways to defend yourself against sex assault charges

If you've been charged with a sex crime, you have the right to a defense. How you defend yourself can make or break your case. There are several common defense techniques that you can consider, and finding the right one for your situation can help you get your penalties reduced or the charges dropped completely.

What are some of the best defenses for criminal charges?

When you need to defend yourself against criminal charges that have been brought against you, there are a few defenses that could work in your favor. Understanding which one to use can help you defend yourself adequately, so you can increase your changes at a reduced sentence or be found innocent of the charges.

You can explain yourself as a defense against child abuse charges

It's no secret that the media likes to portray child abusers and those accused of child abuse as villains. They're seen as violent, negative people who would be better off getting severely punished. For someone who didn't commit this crime, the media attention can be devastating emotionally and can result in a reputation being destroyed over false allegations.

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