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March 2015 Archives

Don't plead guilty to false sex crime charges in Texas

Being falsely accused of a crime in Texas can certainly put a damper on your day, but it can do much more than that if the accusations are pursued and so-called evidence is provided. At that point, you're in a position of real risk; your reputation, job, social life and home life could all face scrutiny and leave you in an awkward position with those you know or care about.

Siding with the victim: Some laws in Texas could hurt your case

Sexual assaults are not something anyone wants to go through in Texas. On the other side of the coin, no one wants to be accused of assault, either. Sometimes, misunderstandings and hurt feelings, especially in cases involving one-night stands, could lead to accusations that are hurtful and untrue. These can lead to accusations against you that you need to defend yourself against.

The U.S. jail system fails the mentally ill, low-risk

Being accused of a crime is bad enough, but can you imagine being jailed while you wait for your case to go to court, all because you can't post bail? This is one thing that an article about the condition of the United States prison and jail systems has discussed. The article from March 6 talks about the purpose of jails, which is to be a temporary holding space, and how that has now changed.

Defend yourself against charges of Internet solicitation

Soliciting a minor is a crime that can land you in jail or prison if you're not smart about defending yourself. This accusation can quickly be built up, and with the help of computers, police can search your home, computer, work documents and other items for evidence of this criminal behavior.

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