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What are the common Internet crimes in Texas?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2014 | Internet Crimes

When people first think about Internet crimes in Texas, they may immediately think of hacking and nothing else. However, the reality is that there are a lot of common online crimes that take place each year. These are a few of the ones that show up the most.

Online Harassment

The Internet has turned into a popular place for bullying and harassment, seeing as how everyone feels like they are anonymous, but the reality is that these things can turn into crimes when they go too far. This could include things like making a direct threat toward someone.

Child Pornography

Not only is it a crime to have child pornography, but transmitting it to someone else over the Internet is a crime that can be punished with jail time. The minimum sentence is set at five years, while the maximum is 20 years.

Online Prostitution

The Internet is also often used for prostitution, basically by making it possible for those who are looking for prostitutes in their area to find them and meet up. In almost all states, prostitution is illegal, and it is also illegal at the federal level when the crime goes over state lines.

Sports Betting

Finally, there is the crime of betting on sports. This is something that is legal if you are at a casino in Las Vegas, but you cannot do it while you are just on your computer in Texas. This includes all types of sporting events, from football to hockey.

Anyone who has been accused of one of these crimes needs to make sure that they know their rights, including the rights they have to a fair trial.

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