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False allegations? Take steps to protect yourself in Texas

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2014 | Internet Crimes |

Have you been facing false allegations claiming you took part in sex offenses on the Internet? Fortunately for you, you aren’t guilty until proven so, and that means that those allegations can be explained and eliminated. People face false accusations all the time, and it’s particularly common when a child or teen is involved. Those cases, cases of child sex abuse or questioning the consensuality of a sexual encounter, can lead to people accusing you and believing you’re at fault without knowing the real story.

In cases involving the Internet, it’s particularly easy to have false evidence produced, especially with technology allowing people to get into email accounts or to create fake posts online from “your” username.

False accusations happen for many reasons. A past date or partner may be angry at you and want to get back at you. A misunderstanding could be the cause of allegations, and even miscommunication can go awry, leading to time in court. It’s even possible that in child-related cases, the child could have been influenced by an adult or parent to say things that aren’t true or are largely inaccurate.

When you face these kinds of allegations, your life is really at risk. You could be faced with losing your job, losing the trust of family members or even having an entire community turned against you despite having done nothing wrong. That’s why people facing serious allegations like child pornography, sexual abuse or other sexual offenses need to defend themselves from the very beginning.

Whether you’re facing false testimonies, a child fantasizing events or falsified stories, you have a right to point out the truth and protect your freedom. If you want to learn more about how to protect yourself in this difficult time in your life, our webpage on sexual offenses can benefit you. You deserve to have your story heard without a bias.

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