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2 accused of rape at the University of Texas

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | Sexual Assault

Allegations of sexual assault have been taken very seriously in this case involving two Texas football players. The two men were reportedly involved in rapes that were reported to the campus at the University of Texas. At this time, neither of the men have been convicted of the crimes, so they shouldn’t be seen as guilty until proven so.

In the case of both young men, the allegations have been denied. One of the men’s attorneys claimed that the allegations against the men will affect their lives even without a conviction. These two men are just two of six total people who have been arrested in the last five years for allegations of sexual assault at the University of Texas and five other Central Texas colleges.

Police are not often involved in these cases on campuses, since they aren’t always called. The news reported that the University of Texas received reports of 23 sexual assaults in 2010 and 2012, but for some reason, police were only notified of five of the alleged attacks. This could be due to the fact that victims may not want to pursue prosecutions, the campus officials claim.

The two men in this case are accused of raping a female student in a dorm room, but neither have been proven guilty. Despite that, the communications program director for the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault sees this situation as positive; she believes it’s encouraging that action is being taken against the men, even though they deny allegations.

Situations like these are difficult, and if you’ve been accused of sexually assaulting someone, then you could face serious charges and time in prison. This case shows how quickly your reputation can be tarnished, but with some help, you could protect yours from getting into the media.

Source: CBS DFW, “Texas Football Players Charged With Sex Assault” Aug. 03, 2014


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