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May 2014 Archives

Man wanted for sexual assault in another state found in Texas

If you're charged with a sex crime, you probably already know how serious it is. You do have a right to defend yourself, though, and you should do so to make sure you get the unbiased trial you deserve. In some cases, you could protect your name before your reputation can be ruined by the media, which could help you maintain your job, home and social life.

Teens die from drug use in Texas, 23-year-old charged for deaths

If you've had to face the scrutiny that comes with accusations of drug use or distribution, you may understand what this man is going through. He is facing drug charges in Texas for the deaths of teens who took controlled substances. The man has been sentenced to six years in prison for the teens' deaths, despite the fact that they took the drugs of their own free will.

Texas man faces criminal charges for assault of gay man

An alleged prank by a Texas man went too far and has now landed him in jail. The heterosexual man met a gay man on a dating app and reportedly wanted to play a joke on him because of his sexual orientation. The "joke," which includes kidnapping and assault, has resulted in federal criminal charges against the 19-year-old.

Drug corruption scandal puts Texas officers behind bars

Police officers in Texas were sentenced recently on drug charges. All told, four different officers were given jail sentences, though nine were involved in the case. The shortest sentence was for eight years, while the longest was almost 12 years.

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