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Police arrest group in Dallas on drug charges

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2014 | Drug Charges

Facing drug charges of any kind is serious, but the possible consequences of a conviction vary depending on the circumstances of an arrest, how much drugs the person is carrying and what types of drugs are involved. The consequences for operating a meth lab can be different from consequences for possession of a small amount of marijuana, for example. Understanding the legal details associated with any charge lets individuals make informed decisions about defense strategies or pleas.

For a woman and three men in Dallas, Texas, serious charges related to an arrest on Thursday, March 6, have to do with 20 gallons of liquid methamphetamine. According to police, a popular method of transporting the liquid was involved — there was an extra gasoline tank installed on a vehicle that was filled with the stuff. Police say the arrests came about after officers worked with an informant, who is a defendant looking to lighten the sentence in a separate drug case.

According to reports, the informant received information about a truck that would be used to move drugs from Waco to Dallas. The informant was given instructions to pick up the truck and make a drug delivery. The informant picked up the truck, brought it to a location so police could confirm that drugs were present and then drained the drugs from the extra tank into buckets. Following instructions from a contact in Mexico, the informant delivered the drugs to a residence.

Police moved on the house following the delivery. Officers report smelling meth and gasoline, and state there were buckets of liquid meth and some was also found in the bathtub. Other items found in the home included handguns, cash and bags of crystal meth. All four defendants were found in the home and arrested; there were also two small children present.

For defendants facing similar charges, it’s important that they understand how their cases will proceed. An experienced criminal defense attorney may benefit such defendants by ensuring that their legal rights are protected.

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