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February 2014 Archives

College defensive lineman arrested on drug possession charges

It's a safe assumption that Texas college students tend to enjoy a party. That doesn't mean everyone who attends college drinks or uses drugs as he or she gets a taste of independence from mom's and dad's oversight. Sometimes, a choice or an error in judgment does result in the need to deal with an arrest on drug charges. If that happens, figuring out what's next can make a big difference in how it all works out.

Fort Worth judge dismisses guilty plea in murder case

A Fort Worth judge in a murder case has thrown out a Keller, Texas, woman's plea agreement and ordered a murder trial after Tarrant County prosecutors expressed concerns about the woman's claims of innocence. Initially charged with murder in association with the death of her husband, the woman later reached a plea agreement on lesser charges of deadly conduct and tampering with evidence.

Texas man faces new charges of sexual assault

A Texas man with a history of child pornography and other sex charges and convictions has been arrested due to his involvement with a 16-year-old girl. According to police, the involvement began with a series of text messages between the pair and ended with police finding the girl in the man's room in a home where he lived with his mother. The man is being charged with sexual assault and online solicitation of a minor, though his attorney reports that she is reviewing the charges and questions how prosecutors will proceed with the online solicitation charge.

Judge rules: child pornography can be tracked through metadata

Not too far from Dallas, a U.S. District Judge has found that once an image was uploaded to the Internet, a defendant's right to privacy in the image was relinquished. This ruling came when a registered sex offender facing child pornography charges argued his Fourth Amendment rights had been violated by the FBI.

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