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Domestic disputes result in arrest of man and girlfriend

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2013 | Criminal Defense

Lufkin police found themselves arresting a Texas businessman one day and his girlfriend the next in related domestic disputes. No stranger to criminal charges, the man was allegedly the perpetrator of a domestic assault on his girlfriend wherein she was pushed, thrown to the ground and her throat was grabbed. Reportedly, the responding officers arrested the man at 12:01 a.m. on a Tuesday.

According to court documents, the 55-year-old is presently serving a 10-year probation sentence for a felony DWI conviction in 2007. News sources reveal his criminal history began in 1979 with his first of four DWI convictions. Bail was denied in 2011, when his first probation violation resulted in his arrest when he was driving a vehicle without a breathalyzer installed as required. Considering an agreement between the Polk County District Attorney and defense counsel, the Court’s ruling at that time included his driver’s license suspension, ankle bracelet monitoring for alcohol and a 90-day treatment program for illegal drug use.

The morning after his current release on $1,500 bail, the police were called back to the same address at about 8:30 because the girlfriend had packed up her belongings and some property belonging to the man. A fight between the two ensued when everything was dumped out of suitcases so he could collect what was his. The officer reported the woman was intoxicated on prescription drugs and could not make a distinction between the present and the incident the night before. Determining she was a danger to herself with no sober adult to assist, she was arrested for public intoxication. She was not charged with theft as was requested by her boyfriend.

Domestic assault charges, probation violations, drug charges or less serious crimes all have long-term consequences. Oftentimes, ill-advised actions result from emotional situations. A clear understanding of the circumstances and what is at stake can precipitate agreements or plea negotiations that will bring the parties to the best conclusion possible.

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