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Over 30 Years of Prostitution Legal Defense in Fort Worth

Prostitution charges and the related charges of solicitation and pandering range from misdemeanor to felony charges in Texas. Prostitution charges are generally misdemeanor charges unless additional factors elevate the charges to aggravated promotion of prostitution, which is a felony.

Whether your charge is a misdemeanor or felony, it is a crime to hire a prostitute to perform sexual acts for payment, or to receive money in exchange for sexual acts. If you face prostitution charges, the Law Offices of Frank Jackson can help.

Have you been charged with prostitution, either as a "John" or as a sex worker? Do you have questions regarding solicitation or pandering charges? Contact attorney Frank Jackson at (214) 306-6891 or (866) 542-2346.

In today's social climate, Texas law enforcement officials have moved to increase enforcement of prostitution laws. District attorneys have also focused their attention on prostitution convictions.

A conviction of prostitution and other crimes known as "crimes of moral turpitude" can cause serious and permanent future challenges for employment and reputation. In addition, a conviction now can greatly increase legal consequences for any following criminal conviction.

We understand that, if you are a prostitute or call girl, your defense is critically important. We also understand that, if you are accused of hiring a prostitute, you may have no prior record, may want to keep the matter private and may wish to avoid trial to avoid potentially adverse effects on your marriage, family or employment.

Attorney Frank Jackson has practiced criminal defense law since 1972, has handled thousands of cases, and has tried over 350 criminal defense cases in court. If you have questions regarding prostitution charges, contact an attorney whom the Dallas Morning News called "one of the best defense lawyers in this hemisphere."

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