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Child Molestation

Experienced Dallas Child Molestation Defense Lawyer

Allegations of child molestation are very serious, and can be made more serious by the fact that they are often easier to prove than other crimes. Convictions often hinge on the believability of children's testimony and on the sheer amount of evidence.

To make matters worse, society heaps contempt on alleged sexual predators and other violators of sex-related laws. To protect yourself, your rights, your freedom and your reputation when facing child molestation charges, it is advisable to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Frank Jackson of the Law Offices of Frank Jackson has achieved countless acquittals, reduction of charges and dismissal of charges in his handling of thousands of criminal cases since 1971. Mr. Jackson's criminal defense accomplishments and credentials include:

  • Over 350 cases tried in court, and thousands more handled
  • Published works involving entrapment and prosecutors' misconduct, and lectures regarding criminal defense
  • A focus on sex crime defense for decades
  • Honored by the American Board of Criminal Lawyers for Courtroom Excellence, D Magazine, Dallas Law magazine, and the American Trial Lawyers Association

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Child molestation occurs when an adult improperly touches or has sexual activity with a minor. Sentencing upon conviction can be influenced by the victim's age.

Frank Jackson defends people against a broad range of sex crimes involving children, including:

Consequences can include decades in jail and lifetime registration as a sex offender. For more information on how we can help fight your charges, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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