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Sexual Assault Archives

Sexual harassment on the job: The shock of statistics

According to a survey, one in three women has been sexually harassed at work. That in itself is a shocking statistic, and it's one you have to contend with if you're accused of sexually assaulting another person. Fortunately, you can defend yourself, and these statistics don't necessarily tell the whole truth.

Revenge porn and virtual worlds: Digital defenses

Revenge porn allegations can get you into deep trouble. The people around you may be concerned that you actually committed this crime, straining your social circle. Or, your family may be the center of scrutiny, disrupting your family life. What is revenge porn, though, and why is it such a big deal?

Texas Tech aims to reduce the risk of sexual assault on campus

Sexual assaults are typically preventable. When a person says no, the other person only needs to stop. However, when it comes to accusations, there are other factors that may play a role. Maybe a spurned ex wants to get back at you, or perhaps it's just a rumor that got out of hand. In any case, you deserve the right to defend yourself.

What should you know about being accused of sexual assault?

If you're accused of sexual assault, it's within your rights to defend yourself from the moment of accusation. It's not fair for a person to accuse you of assault if you didn't assault them, and even though the statistics might be weighed against you, the court can't have a bias.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can threaten your livelihood

Sexual harassment is a serious concern in workplaces and public locations. It affects both males and females, and it doesn't necessarily have to be a person of the opposite sex who commits this crime. It can happen often or be sporadic, but the fact is that it's unwanted in nature and shouldn't be taking place.

Are there different kinds of sexual assault?

Sexual assault comes in a number of forms, and if you've been accused, you'll need to know exactly what it is the alleged victim says you've done. For example, rape is a form of sexual assault, and it's when a person is penetrated by a body part or object without his or her consent. However, not all sexual assaults are rape, so you shouldn't assume that's what the accusation is if you face sexual assault charges.

Torrey Green claims innocence amidst sexual assault claims

Being accused of sexual assault is something you should take seriously. While it's possible to have the case against you dropped, if you don't protect yourself from the start, your reputation can be put at risk. As rumors spread of your alleged role in a sex-assault case, you could find that your work is affected right along with your social engagements and relationships.

20-year-old man faces charges for sexual assault in Texas

Sexual assault charges can occur for a number of reasons, but the story that has been reported in the news draws attention to a problem that could occur more in the age of the Internet. When teens and adults get online, it's simple for one person to lie about his or her age or even to look past age because of not seeing a person in person; the problem is that the law is very strict and in favor of the alleged victim in these cases. If a person is a minor and the other is within a few years of age, any kind of sexual relationship might be forgiven. Outside that age range, there begins to be problems, like in this case.

Man accused of sexual assaults because of car purchase

There are times when people accuse others of sexual assault without all the information needed to do so. Someone may mistakenly be accused of the crime based on what he or she looks like or a case of a mistaken identity. If that person is you, then you know that defending yourself is important. If you can prove you weren't at the scene of the incident or that you were in fact the victim, then you could protect yourself from unfair penalties and punishments.

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